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2 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. As an instructor I am having trouble reading the discussion postings in Blackboard. In their postings, students use many different fonts, formatting and font sizes. This makes it hard for me to read, without constantly changing my browser font size. Do you have any suggestions about how to deal with this?

    • This is occurring because several formatting options are available when the Blackboard Text Editor is turned on. And by default it is ‘on’. This may be compounded by the problems associated with copying and pasting text directly from MS Word into the Blackboard Text Editor.

      There are some solutions to this.

      • Use unformatted text.
        1. If students are typing directly into the discussion posting you can request that the students turn the Blackboard Text Editor off before they begin their posting. You should mention in the instructions or your initial discussion posting, that they can do this by clicking the toggle button on the top right of the Blackboard Text Editor. (See Solution #1 in image below.)
        2. If students are typing in a MS Word and then pasting into the discussion posting you can request that the students use the Mashup Tool. Instructions for this are available in this earlier blog entry. (See Solution #2 in image below.)


      • Alternatively you could define formatting requirements for students.
        In your initial posting or instructions you can tell students that the posting must be in a font that that is common to all computers, such as Times, or Arial. You can request that it is specific size as well, for example 12 point if pasting from MS Word, or size 4 from the Blackboard Text Editor.

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